West Sussex PPG network

The West Sussex PPG Network aims to enable our PPG groups to:

  • Review and feed into NHS commissioning plans;
  • Review and feed into our approach on public involvement and how we engage with patients;
  • Share local intelligence from the GP Practices through the PPG roundtable discussions;
  • Provide a space to up-skill and support PPGs through training and sharing of best practice;
  • Socialise and network with other PPG members.

The notes and discussions held at both events will be collated together and will provide a way for all PPG groups to have their voice heard, and help shape NHS services across the county by feeding in to commissioning plans.

The membership will include PPGs, voluntary and community groups, interested local people, CCG and NHS staff, Healthwatch, practice managers and GPs being invited to attend. If you are a member of your local PPG and would like to attend please get in touch.