We are committed to working with our patients and the public as partners, and to putting patients and the public at the heart of all we do.

We want patients and local people to be directly involved in our work, helping us to shape local health services.

Here are the current opportunities available to have your say:

Readers group

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Closing date: 31-03-2025

We want to make sure that our communications are clear, easy to understand and offer helpful information and advice. To help with this, we have a small group of ‘readers’ who regularly review letters and leaflets and offer suggestions on how these can be more patient friendly.

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Accessing NHS services in a different way

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Closing date: 11-07-2020

Health services have changed during the Coronavirus crisis, and many people have had to access care in a different way to how they did before the crisis.

We want to understand, where people have accessed care in a different way, what this was like for them. We also need to understand why people might not have accessed care, and therefore how we need to provide information and support in the future.

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Compassionate communities

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Closing date: 01-07-2020

In West Sussex, we are working together to better understand how communities can come together to support people during illness, dying and bereavement.

This engagement has now closed.

Your experience of using SMS text technology to communicate with your GP practice

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Closing date: 13-06-2020

Sussex NHS Commissioners are interested in hearing feedback from Sussex patients regarding their experiences of using technology to communicate with their GP and local practice.

This engagement has now closed. We will report back on our findings presently.