Providing services for us

The CCG’s job, as a commissioner, is to plan, buy and check local health services.

One aspect of our work to buy local health services is procurement.

We are committed to making sure you can receive high quality, effective health services, while making sure we are spending our budget to get the best value of money for the taxpayer.

We promise to be open and honest when buying services.

We are committed to ensuring that all procurement processes are fair, open and transparent.

Procurement and Assurance Approach

Please see NHS England’s August 2017 publication “Procurement and Assurance Approach” which sets out:

  • Relevant procurement legislation relating to the use of the multispecialty community provider Contract
  • How the national Integrated Support and Assurance (ISAP) process will interact with the procurement
  • Key steps and considerations for CCGs
  • GP engagement considerations during the procurement process
  • Annexes on potential considerations in relation to workforce and estates

Current opportunities

Current procurement opportunities will be listed here.

Completed procurements

Completed procurement opportunities will be listed here.