Our values

The NHS belongs to the people and is founded on a common set of principles and values that bind together the communities and people it serves – patients and public – and the staff who work for it. This is called The NHS Constitution for England.

This Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England. It sets out rights to which patients, public and staff are entitled, and pledges which the NHS is committed to achieve, together with responsibilities, which the public, patients and staff owe to one another to ensure that the NHS operates fairly and effectively.

Our values

Patients, public and staff have helped develop this expression of values that inspire passion in the NHS and that underpin everything we do. Our values are listed below, along with the behaviours that we associate with each one.

Working together for patients – patients come first in everything we do

  • Including patients in decision making
  • Working together across teams and departments
  • Taking responsibility

Improving lives – we strive to improve health and wellbeing and people’s experience of the NHS

  • Actively seeking change/improvement
  • Being supportive
  • Motivation to make a difference

Everyone counts – we maximise our resources for the benefits of the whole community and make sure nobody is excluded, discriminated against or left behind

  • Taking time to listen
  • Fairness, inclusivity and resourcefulness
  • Proactively seeking and supporting patients/staff who find it difficult to voice their needs

Compassion – we ensure compassion is central to the care we provide and respond with humanity and kindness

  • Putting patients first
  • Treating others as you would expect to be treated
  • Active listening

Respect and dignity – we value every person

  • Respect towards colleagues and patients
  • Treating others as they wish to be treated
  • Transparency and honesty in care and delivery

Commitment to quality of care – we earn the trust placed in us by insisting on quality and striving to get basics of quality care right every time

  • Ensuring patients have a voice
  • Openness to improvement and change
  • Encouragement of excellence