Sussex NHS Commissioners

A new way of working for Clinical Commissioning Groups across Sussex

1 April 2020

Today sees the launch of a new way of working for the Clinical Commissioning Groups across Sussex which will help improve how NHS services are planned, paid for and monitored across local health and care services for populations.

Last year the Governing Bodies, and GP memberships, of the CCGs across West Sussex and East Sussex voted in favour of merging to become two new statutory bodies – NHS West Sussex CCG and NHS East Sussex CCG. These mergers come into effect from today and the two new organisations are working closely together with NHS Brighton and Hove CCG as the “Sussex NHS Commissioners”. The three statutory bodies have a single management team and a consistent way of working that ensures services can be commissioned more effectively and efficiently across the health and care ‘system’, as well as across local areas. This way of working will support greater collaboration with other health and care organisations, in particular our local authorities, to ensure populations are having all their health and care needs better met.

By working in this joined-up way, Sussex NHS Commissioners aim to bring the following benefits for the populations we serve:

  • Improved, equitable access to high quality, safe and joined up care.
  • Access to support from the health and care professional with the most appropriate skills for people’s specific needs.
  • Health and care tailored in a more personalised
  • People will be empowered to improve their own health and wellbeing
  • Better availability of non-clinical care – e.g. preventative care – to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Easier interactions with health and care services through technology-based solutions.
  • More integrated support for people with multiple health conditions.
  • Enhanced support to people in care homes to ensure safe and high quality care.